Our second book to be published is by Susan Capindale and is called “A Leaf in a Gale”.  Please visit our Life Sign Press – Leaf in a Gale book site for more details on the book.


Author – Susan Capindale


Front and Back Cover Design by Lincoln Phipps (Open Mutual Ltd for Life Sign Press)

Fonts used are – Main body text is 13pt GaramondNo8, Chapter Titles are 16pt Gentium Book Basic Bold (italic), with copyright and credit pages as 10 and 11pt Regular. The cover and back text features the author’s name in Puritan by Deiter Steffmann www.steffmann.de and the Leaf in a Gale book title text is using Porcelain by Eduardo Recife www.misprintedtype.com . The cat is called putu.