This book has been completely re-edited as if it was a series of manuscripts from an author and is not a scan. This has allowed us to use modern Desktop Publishing technology to layout the book, pick our fonts and add in new images and formatting.

Two page spread of print quality for Doctor Antonio

Two page spread of print quality for Doctor Antonio

We noticed that other editions of this book  by other publishers are simply scans of older editions. As our aim for Doctor Antonio was to use a modern workflow for the production of this book we spent a lot of effort and worked from the text rather than just simply “photocopying” an out-of-copyright edition.

This ground-up construction has allowed us to mix in illustrations and pick easy-to-read fonts and suitable page sizes and have the text flow automatically scale and adapt.

It has also allowed us to create concordance files and wordlists which we will link to from here.

Details of how we have produced this book and the Open Source technology are documented at our development Create site here.


Doctor Antonio is the first book of Life Sign Press and at about 450 pages and 75 illustrations and 27 chapters it is probably one of the largest and most complex books that we will create for a while.

Page Detail of Doctor Antonio

Page Detail of Doctor Antonio



We hope that you will enjoy this fine example of Victorian-era fiction, with a glass of your favourite wine to wash down some Taggiasca olives in olive oil,  some small bite-size nibbles of Farinata, or Sardenaira or some Torta Verde.


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