Our Favicon Design

Simply shrinking a logo or brand name to an image that is 32×32 pixels is a recipe for disaster. Sometimes you are lucky and it works out, other times you end up with just a fuzzy blob that looks like spilt ink.

With our Life Sign Press logo being spirally text and block capitals we were going to end up in the inksplot end so it was easier to start from a blank page. We looked at what we are. The idea for Life Sign Press is to be a Personal Publisher and Printer but not to be the product. We are the wrapping around the product, the framework used to get the product to market.

If you have pulled apart commercial packaging you’ll find registration marks (used to see if each pass of colour has aligned) or if you have worked with tempera ink then you’ll always have Cyan, Yellow and Magenta inks as well as monochromatic black (and a white). Same with those inkjet inks and colour LASER toner packs.

So these three colours are what we start with. They are essential to the printed product but they are hidden from the finished product. The “Life” and “Sign” are not easily rendered so we’ll leave them as the capital letters ‘L’ and ‘S’ but the PRESS in capitals looked fine.

And that was it – 3 bars of CMY with the first two initials, plus the black on white text of PRESS under the bars. Save as a .ICO file format (we use GIMP 2.6) and then rename to favicon.ico and load into WordPress.

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