FeedBurner FeedSmith plug-in on Network multisite.

Though it doesn’t say it in the description the FeedBurner FeedSmith plug-in it does work on WordPress Network (Multisite) installations (WordPress 3.0X).

See here,


for the details on the installation. Where it says “Activate” then instead just click “Network Activate” and the plugin will be available for all the sub-sites.

Within each site the Settings -> FeedBurner settings will be unique to that site.

What the plugin does is redirect the normal /feed path to the FeedBurner page that you have previously setup and have configured in the plug-in settings.

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Our Favicon Design

Simply shrinking a logo or brand name to an image that is 32×32 pixels is a recipe for disaster. Sometimes you are lucky and it works out, other times you end up with just a fuzzy blob that looks like spilt ink.

With our Life Sign Press logo being spirally text and block capitals we were going to end up in the inksplot end so it was easier to start from a blank page. We looked at what we are. The idea for Life Sign Press is to be a Personal Publisher and Printer but not to be the product. We are the wrapping around the product, the framework used to get the product to market.

If you have pulled apart commercial packaging you’ll find registration marks (used to see if each pass of colour has aligned) or if you have worked with tempera ink then you’ll always have Cyan, Yellow and Magenta inks as well as monochromatic black (and a white). Same with those inkjet inks and colour LASER toner packs.

So these three colours are what we start with. They are essential to the printed product but they are hidden from the finished product. The “Life” and “Sign” are not easily rendered so we’ll leave them as the capital letters ‘L’ and ‘S’ but the PRESS in capitals looked fine.

And that was it – 3 bars of CMY with the first two initials, plus the black on white text of PRESS under the bars. Save as a .ICO file format (we use GIMP 2.6) and then rename to favicon.ico and load into WordPress.

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Life Sign Press logo design

We started designing a logo for Life Sign Press by throwing all the ideas into a pot on the word “Life”, “Sign” and “Press” and came up with a number of designs but in the end they just didn’t work out.

They distracted us from our clients in that our clients are the ones who need the branding and design and we just need a simple recognisable logo – using the same words but with a little bit of twist to make them different.

We had recently discovered the Adobe Air based LiveBrush. It is literally childsplay to use and so our daughter used a graphics tablet to write the “Life” and “Sign” (with an inspiration from the loops in the Tim Burton’s – The Nightmare Before Christmas and the feel of the Playstation3 Little Big Planet but constrained to those two words and in black and white) and then we used GIMP to combine the images into one file and added the word “Press” using Garamond.

Add a border and this is what we ended up with,

Our Logo

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The legacy of Open Source code

My first use of Open Source software was around 1997 when we had a need to have cheap X-Terminals to access Sun Sparc machines from other parts of the building other than in the cold machine rooms.

Commercial X software for testing was an expensive investment and standalone workstations were also not very nice in their support requirements but installing RedHat on an old beige-box PC were a viable low-cost option. This didn’t need anyone’s approval and they just did the job.

The rest of this story is history.  GNU/Linux distributions have grown in leaps and bounds, and equally a number have been renamed, taken over or have gone bust but after this first decade of the 21st Century, Open Source software is still with us and there is no reasonable reason why this will not be with us at the start of the 22nd Century.

If the code you edit today is Open Source, well documented and maintainable then it has a good chance of outliving you. Now that is a legacy that is worthwhile to remember.

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Open Mutual Ltd

Open Mutual Limited is a UK based company. The Life Sign Press is an imprint of Open Mutual Limited.

Open Mutual provides the IT and Technology consultancy for Life Sign Press.

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Our setup of WordPress Network (multisite)

The Network or MultiUser is a feature of WordPress that has been around (as the WPMU) for a while but in WordPress 3.0 series this has become part of the core code.

We settled on using subdirectories rather than subdomains so as to keep the www.lifesignpress.com unchanged in each URL. To enable this we followed the instructions at,


We had to drop our old Life Sign Press site and as it didn’t have much on it we just created a new MySQL database and edited the wp-config.php file to point to the new database name and we added in the option,

define(‘WP_ALLOW_MULTISITE’, true);

Pointing our browser at the root of our site we got the familiar WordPress installation prompt. It installed in the single click as usual.

Once we had the Network installed we added a new site (this /development one) to test the functionality.


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